The Smartness Level Of Dogs

Dogs are domestic carnivores, not wild, that have coexisted with man for a long time. It is the first animal to be domesticated and the highest to be domesticated followed by cats. Dogs are highly intelligent, emotional mammals that can read their environment and owner. Able to detect mood change, when their owner is sick, heartbroken, happy, etc. Some trained ones can run errands ranging from picking the newspaper from the front pouch to serving as police dogs that actually go to war. Usually playful, lively, loyal, friendly, listens to humans (yes, listen, probably not the words but after a while staying with you, they know you, they are that smart).

The same way dogs can read

The same way dogs can read expressions and emotions is the same way dogs can know where you are. Now, this is not definite as there are two ways this can be achieved. A dog can either pick up your scent and follow it as far as it leads it, possibly to you, or it goes seeking in places you frequently hang out or have taken them to. In movies like “A Dog’s Purpose”, we see the reincarnation of a dog (Josh Gad) to its owner, for every time Josh came back, was to follow the bond back to its owner, Let’s take the military dogs for example, all that is given to them is a cloth, any material possession of the person being sought after. Note, this military dogs have never seen nor met the person, but they would find such person using the scent given.

The Smartness Level Of Dogs

If that can be done by a dog that hasn’t lived with you, played with you nor done any activity with you, of course, you should expect your dog to do even more. There are however limitations, like, where you went to and how far you went. Let’s say you traveled out of the state, a dog’s attempt to locate you might be futile because, your scent may end at the train station, airport or subway, depending on which was used. It also will try its best to go to your usual hangouts, but you are out of the states. Yet, there are rare cases of bond, in this situation, your dog can tell you are about to travel a long-distance and express sadness wither through sulking, barking etc.

Remember, dogs can read emotions and expressions, except its owner is a master of deception, it will know you are about to go on a journey. There are other traits these wonderful creatures possess that aid their level of awareness. For example, dogs have sense of time, so they know when it’s time for a walk, time to eat, time for you to be back home. Most time, dogs start to get jealous if attention is shifted from them, this way, your dog can tell if you are leaving. A dog’s sense of smell is a thousand times more than a human’s level, they can smell emotions like fear or excitement. Humans sweat when afraid, dogs can smell such and predict most situations & events.