Review Pedigree DENTASTIX Treats for Large Dogs

Human’s need for attention, comfort, and companionship has led to the adoption of animals as pets. It is a practice that is accepted and seen as normal all round. People keep different types of animals as pets, there is actually no limit to the type of pet you can have in your house. Animals of different species are used, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, both aquatic and terrestrial animals. Some people tend to pick wild ones like lions, snakes and even tarantulas as pets, they train them to become human-friendly and with time, they become harmless.

Dogs are the most popular group

Dogs are the most popular group of pets ever; cats come after on the tier list. There is a dog in almost every house, either of protection or for just companionship. They have slowly become so close man that they have been tagged “Man’s Best Friend”. These animals are practically the most loyal mammals out there; they stick to their owners like glue. In moments of depression, dogs can come in handy to soothe the mood. Often, cases are recorded when these canine species have saved the lives of man. This is one of the major reasons why they are used in the military and due to their detective skills.

It is extremely important we care

It is extremely important we care for our dogs as much as we care for ourselves. If you have a dog, you should be ready to take care of the dog, no matter what happens. Getting a dog is more like adopting a baby; you have obtained responsibility that you love. Kids get dirty and we wash, they poo and we clean after, same as dogs. Likewise, the same way we keep our children and ourselves clean and tidy, the same way should go for the pets. When you wake up in the morning, you brush your teeth for oral hygiene to prevent oral diseases. It is important to equally watch out for your dog’s oral hygiene.

You might be wondering why a

You might be wondering why a dog’s oral hygiene is that important, it is simple. We brush, floss, and go to the dentist to keep our dentition and mouth clean to avoid diseases, same for dogs too. There is a specific form of dental disease for dogs, even some humans have it too, it is known as oral disease. These dental diseases affect the teeth and gums, rendering massive pain and discomfort to your pet. An uncomfortable pet means an uncomfortable owner, as their concerns become yours.

Pedigree petfoods is a company belonging

Pedigree petfoods is a company belonging to Mars, an American group that specialize in manufacturing and packaging of pet foods around the globe. Their treats and foods are certified by numerous health bodies to ensure your pets (dogs) stay healthy for a long time. One of their several products include Dentastix, a special type of treat that dogs chew to keep their mouths clean and busy. Dentastix have always been the best for dogs’ hygiene and it still is, that is guarantee enough for this product.

Review Pedigree DENTASTIX Treats for Large Dogs

This product is a pack is Dentastix treats for large dogs, preferably 14 KG and above. There are 18 treats in total for your dog to chew on, they come in chicken flavor, so your dogs enjoy themselves while their teeth is clean. It was manufactured with a special X-design, each of them for design and maximum effect. The treats are made grain-free to avoid scattering of the grains in the mouth of your pet. They are made in large sizes specifically for large dogs, definitely not for puppies and tiny dogs.

Asides the feeling, shake and texture of the treats, the most essential part of the item is the health benefit and its functions. It reduces build-up of tartar or plaque in the mouth of your dog, when they feed often, food is left over in the teeth and in between. The leftover food and the minerals from their saliva can harden and this forms the tartar. Tartars can eat up gums and cause decay of both tooth and gum. Dentastix ensure none of those happen, as long as you give them a treat once a day, nothing more and nothing less.

Apart from the tartars, the treats keep the teeth super shiny and white. A white set of dentition is a beautiful sight to see and imagine how the dog feels. The breath of your pet stays fresh and soothing, keeping your dog safe from all oral diseases.