Dog breeds with the shortest lifespan

Rottweiler: is a domestic breed considered as medium to large, it weighs 60 kilo grams for male, 48 kilo grams female. It is black and yellowish brown color, double coated, its lifespan is 9.5 years, the Rottie is the most expensive dog breed to own. According to history Rottweiler is the oldest dog breed that police used to serve in the military.

Saint Bernard: is red white, reddish-brown, weigh 120 kg that makes it a big dog, can live up to 10 years. Bernard is well known in Switzerland due to its capability of rescuing human from strong wind and snow. They’re very friendly, affectionate toward everyone they meet, enjoy comforts of family life, likes playing with other dogs. Newfoundland: is good at taking care of kids, able to swim, one of the strongest, calm, that was originally meant to help fishermen because of its water resistant coat.

Great Dane breed: 8 lifespan, has

They vary in color can be either black, brown, grey, or white and black, their life expectancy is 10 years, weigh 70 kg, height 74 centimeter long, are surprisingly large. Bullmastiff: is a large domestic dog with short muzzle, weigh 59 kilo grams for male breed and 54 kilo grams female. It can live up to 8 to 10 years, the color is red, or pale brown. Characteristics of this breed they’re loyal, loving, reliable best breed to keep at home.

Great Dane breed: 8 lifespan, has achieved Guinness World Record for being the tallest dog, fawn, blue, weigh up to 90 pounds, smoothly coated skin that is easy to groom. It’s recommended to train them good manners when young, dietary requirement must be followed to prevent joint problems. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog do very well in sports, the biggest size weight 140 pounds, have black, red, white markings, can live for 11 decades.

Irish Wolfhound originated from Ireland, adapts

Swiss is a strong, quick, lively, alert at all times, can adapt on many types of feeds be cautious overfeeding leads to indigestion. Mastiff is type of breed that lives for 8, weigh up to 220 pounds, actually, its size contributes a lot to short lifespan. Originated from England, if looking for a dog that can adjust in apartment go for Mastiff, needs daily exercise because are easily bored can damage things.

Irish Wolfhound originated from Ireland, adapts in many environments, enjoyable to stay with, expected to grow until age of 6, their color vary from black, grey, brindle, considered one of the tallest breeds with a long head. Wolfhound is kind-hearted because of their good nature can comfortably leave them with children. However, their growth rate is high hence, require high-quality feed, able to reach 150 pounds and 7 feet tall when standing on his hind legs.

Dog breeds with the shortest lifespan

Bernese Mountain: survives for 7 decades, just like other dogs they are loyal, intelligent, love people. They were originally created to look after cattle in Switzerland, have long hair that is not difficult to groom. One of the best characteristic of Wolfhound is when given a good training makes a great companion for the family. Providing preferred nutrition is key to healthy pets, Bernese can weigh 50 kg. Disadvantage of this dog sadly is venerable to diseases making it hard to survive.

Scottish Deerhound is almost similar with Irish Wolfhound, live up to 9 years, has different types of color blue, gray, fawn and yellow. Deerhound was meant to hunt red deer by chasing in the 19th century, running and walking long distance is just like a cup of tea. They’re large and energetic unfortunately causing them not suitable to live in the house. Although, Scottish are not easy to train needs a trained personnel, love to be with somebody all time.

Cesky Terrier have average lifespan of 11, small type breed originated from Czechoslovakia, weigh up to 24 kilo grams and can reach 13 inches. They are the best for adventure walk, convenient for kids to play with, silky coat that is comfortable to comb. Before, owning a pet consider all possibilities to be able to enjoy pet companion. Some of these dogs have short lifespan since, they are venerable to diseases, cannot tolerate certain weather conditions like cold or hot, if they are suitable to stay in the house or outside, also consider the cost.